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How It Works

How It works:

The Fetch team does all the heavy lifting while you relax.

We whisk your stuff away to our own state of the art facility where it stays safe and secure.

Schedule to have some or all of your stuff delivered back anytime.


Storage for All Your Stuff.

Pay only for the space you use, from less than $1/cu ft per month

Free box & crate delivery - Free Pickups and Dropoffs (up to an hour)

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Total CostNot FlexibleBest ValueExpensive
Exact Space Pricing Too big or too small  Pay for the space you use  One size fits nobody
Store Large Items (Sofa, etc) Maybe, but you haul it  Storage for all your stuff  If it fits, but you pack it
Pickup and Delivery Another trip to the facility  You won’t lift a finger  Takes time and $$$$
Access to Individual Items Where’d I pack that again?  Delivered back anytime  Recall the whole POD
No Hidden Fees Fees surcharges $$$$  Clear and simple pricing  Parking permit, fees

Boxes & Crates

Buy Boxes or Rent Crates

Starting at $3
Only $4 a month

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Why Fetch

Why Fetch?

The best storage experience of your life, paws down.

Never Pay For Air

Exact Space Pricing means you save money without lifting a finger.

White Paw Service

The most polite and courteous service team you'll ever meet.

Peace Of Mind

Your stuff stays safe and secure in our exclusive facility.

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